Miniature Garden Tree Set: Dwarf Spruce, Fernspray Cypress, Valley Cushion Mugo
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Mini Set: Tansu Japanese Cedar, Butter Ball Hinoki Cypress, Hokkaido Dwarf Princess Elm

The trees in this set are outdoor trees and come in 2 1/4" pots as shown. They can be planted in full sun or cool sun with good-draining soil. Let them dry out a bit in between watering sessions if they are grown in a container to avoid over-watering. 

  • As a group, hardy to zones 6 thru 8 or -10F (Hinoki & Elm are hardy to -20F)
  • As a group, Heat hardy zones 6
  • Winter Maintenance: Clean out the dead leaves inside the shrubs when you see them
  • Full sun - avoid that hot, summer afternoon sun while they are little
  • Let container soil dry out to barely damp in between watering
  • All are outdoor plants
  • Come in 2 1/4" pots

Tansu Japanese Cedar - Cryptomeria japonica 'Tansu'

A charmer for the minature garden and a pleasure to grow. The Tansu Dwarf Japanese Cedar first grows into a broad pyramid shape that tends to lean to one side creating a aged wind-swept look that can lend itself to a variety of miniature gardening styles and themes. As it gets older, the canopy evens out and it takes on the look of a majestic tree - in miniature.

The foliage is a beautiful light to medium green that turns bronze in the winter - called a 'winter blush'. As the canopy ages, the tips of the foliage droop down a little, and looks terrific in the miniature garden. An attractive little tree that won't disappoint even the most discerning miniaturist. It's our most favorite Cryptomeria for miniature gardening. Perfect for a partly shaded spot with evenly damp soil.

  • Growth: 2" to 4" per year
  • Cold hardy Zones: 6-9 or to -10F
  • Heat Zones: 9-4
  • Part sun to part shade (it can handle full sun if the soil can remain evenly damp.)
  • Regular water, do not let the soil dry out completely
  • An outdoor plant



Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Butter Ball'

One of our favorite hinoki cypresses, the soft and lacey foliage are splashed with multi-toned yellows and creams in a perfect palm-sized ball of conifer magic. Just lovely on it's own and even more lovely in a miniature garden.

  • Wonderful coloring, from light lemon to deep emerald green
  • Lacier than usual foliage is very soft to the touch
  • Growth Rate is 2" to 4" per year
  • Globe shape
  • Cold hardy to -20F or Zone 5-8
  • Heat zones 8 - 1
  • Full sun to part shade, soil should remain damp and cool
  • Pot is 4" in diameter
  • An outdoor plant



Dwarf Princess Elm - Ulmus parvifolia 'Hokkaido'

The Dwarf Princess Elm is a real miniature garden tree with a growth rate of 1 to 2 inches per year. Combine the tiniest of leaves with the most delicate branches, and you have a special gem for the miniature garden. 

It is deciduous, meaning that it will drop its leaves in the fall and expose its wonderful skeleton structure for the winter - perfect for Halloween or for hanging miniature lights on. It will charm you each year as it flushes out with the new spring growth. 

  • Tiny leaves and delicate branches
  • Growth rate 1 to 2"/yr
  • Cold hardy to -20F, or zones 5-9
  • Heat zones 9-5
  • Full sun
  • Regular water until established
  • Let dry out to barely damp in between to avoid over watering if planted in a container
  • Comes in a 4" pot
  • An outdoor plant




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Mini Set: Dwarf Cedar, Butter Ball Hinoki, Dwarf Princess Elm

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